Pyramid Consulting started in 1993 and has consulted and managed IT environments around the world for nearly 30 years. It’s owner, Bill Calkins, has published 11 best-selling textbooks on IT management used by universities and training organizations around the world. We’ve consulted and trained IT professionals at places like US Centcom, the Department of Defense, the Pentagon, all branches of the armed services, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), US House of Representatives, Wells Fargo, HSBC Bank of USA, Meijer, Oracle and DISA.

Pyramid Consulting will manage all of your IT needs: hardware, software, security and even provide training. We know what it takes to keep your data secure and we know the importance of high availability. You data and systems will always be available and performance will always be what you expect.

Our uptime is unmatched in the industry. Our technical support is always there when you need us- any day, any time.

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